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Starting a family? Here’s why you should consider remote work. Aug 22, 2019 Work & Life About a year and a half ago when I started working remotely at Melewi I was super excited about having the freedom to decide where to work from How to write better proposals and close more deals Jan 4, 2019 Work Let me paint this hypothetical picture for you — you’ve just finished an initial sales call or live meeting with a prospective client. The meeting My First Month of Working Remotely Mar 14, 2018 Work & Life People have been writing about it left and right for years. Articles, blog posts even books. Just like any other fad, every aspect of working How to become better at software estimations (Part 2) Jun 29, 2017 Work In the previous post, I outlined what software estimations are and what they consist of. Now comes the good part. From our experience at Code How to become better at software estimations (Part 1) Jun 15, 2017 Work In the same way that the chicken comes before the egg (come on, you know I’m right), an estimation comes before every software development