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Starting a family? Here’s why you should consider remote work. Aug 22, 2019 Work & Life About a year and a half ago when I started working remotely at Melewi I was super excited about having the freedom to decide where to work from The Day I Lost My Phone May 21, 2018 Life Like most Saturday evenings, this one started with a friendly gathering. A friend of mine recently got his very first office, so the occasion had Making time move slower Apr 28, 2018 Life I have a genuine fear of running out of time. I wouldn’t call it an irrational fear either, since we are indeed all slowly running out of time. I My First Month of Working Remotely Mar 14, 2018 Work & Life People have been writing about it left and right for years. Articles, blog posts even books. Just like any other fad, every aspect of working Small talk and how to do it without being awkward Feb 13, 2018 Life I come from a country where small talk is immensely important. It’s nearly impossible to stay in close proximity to another person for an extended Moving to Berlin in 10 simple steps Nov 23, 2017 Life I recently moved to Berlin. After taking care of everything around my departure I decided to compile this complete list of all the steps necessary How I almost got scammed looking for an apartment in Berlin Nov 4, 2017 Life Looking for an apartment in Berlin in 2017 is a madhouse. I’ve been doing it for about 2 weeks now, as I’ll be starting a new job in the city, but